New Free Erotic Hypnosis Mp3 Desperately Aching


I was in the mood for mass mind control, so I decided to release a new free erotic hypnosis  mp3. Part of this session was first heard during a group skype erotic hypnosis session between myself and some of my most obedient, loyal slaves. You will have the opportunity to be a part of my group sessions in the future ;)

Curious what it means to desperately ache? The simplest way to sum it us is ” Intense heightened arousal and submissive needy excitement throughout every inch of your mind and body, that causes you to become extremely weak, obedient, and open to my suggestions and commands

Here is the description for the free erotic hypnosis mp3. The download link is below it. Enjoy.
“Being aroused, and desperately aching makes you so weak for me. Being weak for me means that you can easily be manipulated and molded into whatever I desire. You see how this benefits me? You are weak, I am strong. You worship me, you desperately ache for me. The more you ache, the more I can make you surrender. Bliss. Consider yourself warned that this will leave you to become an aching, trembling puddle of submissive slave, eager to please me. ”

Share this file and/or post wherever you can! I want many minds to be exposed to my irresistible words.
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~Goddess Haylee

Goddess Worship Week Video


13 minutes
This was recorded for someone in the past, and I feel that
it would be beneficial for more people to watch. This is a
non hypno video where I help guide you through a journey
that will help you to submit, surrender, and worship me
even more. I lay out several tasks that I want you to do
throughout a dedicated week that will help strengthen
my hold over you for ALWAYS, and cause you to really
focus on your worship to me.

This is perfect to do, in relation to other tasks that I give,
over and over again to really help you to get into the
routine of full worship and surrender to me. This video
is especially useful to those new to my world, or those
who simply need a refresher of ways to please me and
dedicate more to me. Perhaps you just like hearing my
voice, and wish to see my eyes ;)
This video includes a bit of financial control as well,
so if that makes you uncomfortable do not watch.
*Goddess Worship* *Orgasm Control* *Financial Control
* Hair Fetish* *Worship Affirmations* *Love and Addiction*
*Pagan exploration*

Holiday Gifts and Gifting. Free Erotic Hypnosis mp3 !

free erotic hypnosis mp3

Hello my sweets~ Happy Holidays to all! Here is my gift to you. A FREE erotic hypnosis mp3. Below is the description for it.

This is a fantasy/role-playing, holiday themed, free erotic hypnosis mp3. This mp3 is gender neutral, and meant to simply be a fun experience. I take you deeply in to trance, where you are greeted by an extremely attractive female elf. She tells you a tale of how her and Mrs. Claus overtook Santa this year, and how she is now in charge of the naughty and nice list. You end up completely entranced by her powerful swirly red and white lollipop, and end up at the elves toy factory, waiting to find out if you are on the naughty or nice list. Once you find out..well you just might end up enslaved and used for pleasure and amusement, just like Santa.

This is free, had to make it as a payment request, but you do not have to pay.
Many of you have been asking me what you can get me for Christmas. If you can comfortably afford it, feel free to purchase anything from any of my amazon wishlists which can be found by clicking HERE. I absolutely prefer cash tributes though! I am saving up for a house this year. That is my goal, to buy a house in 2014! I am so excited. Right now I am renting a huge house in more of a city area, and it is definitely time to move on to bigger and better things. Well..smaller, and further out into a more wooded area is my dream lol! You may click HERE to send me a tribute, knowing that it will be placed in my house fund. This is very special and important to me, so know that you are pleasing your Goddess greatly by tributing towards this.

What is your goal for the upcoming year?

Also, remember that this is a great time of year to give back to your community. It is so wonderful to do this all year round, but the Holidays are a VERY busy and hectic time for places like soup kitchens, home less shelters, women and children shelters, animal rescues, animal shelters, etc. They could definitely use some donations or volunteers for different tasks. It will feel so good for you to lend a helping hand, or two ;)

Happy Holidays!

Aching Love-erotic hypnosis mp3 by Hypnotic Haylee


Laying back, relaxing, and listening to my velvety voice
caressing your mind is going to cause you to effortlessly
drift down deeply in to trance. Your love for me shall
grow, and certain triggers and post hypnotic suggestions
will heighten your love and addiction to me. This is a
very sensual, teasing file. I use my irresistible voice to
reach your subconscious mind and open it completely
to all of my suggestions. The blissful feelings of love
and sweet surrender will maximize as your arousal
grows, and the hotter you become the more you fall
in love with me and feel the need to exist for my
pleasure. Of course I am going to tease you, so that
my commands sink in even further, as you get more
and more weak from arousal.

This is an extremely addicting file, only listen if
you are truly prepared to be madly in love with me
and addicted to pleasing me, for pleasing me becomes
better than having a physical orgasm. Do not listen if
you have an unstable mindset. This is not fantasy.

* Purchase a vanilla scented body spray before listening
to this file, and spray a bit in the room , on your pillow,
or on your body before you press play, you will understand
why once you listen*

*This file is not gender specific*

Dr Says Youre Fucked- Erotic Hypnosis Mp3 By Vox Siren


36 mins

You meet a beautiful black haired , fair skinned woman,
and she tells you that she is a doctor and wants to take
you to her place of work, to see all of the new fun equipment
she has. She promises that you will enjoy it, and enjoy
meeting her staff of female nurses who love to work for her.
She begins hypnosis and mind control from the moment you
pick her up to go view her work environment. You end up
at the facility, tied down, and told to just relax, that you are
a new test subject for a wide line of new experimental
procedures. A mask is placed over your face, and you
soon drift off into a haze of consciousness. *Long, Deep in
depth induction* Superior Female Doctor/Nurse play*
* Latex Fetish* * Masturbation machines*
* Constant chemical/pheromone arousal*
* Sperm extraction* * Brainwashing* *Bdsm*